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Most companies make one single payment covering multiple invoices from vendors. Providing very clear remittance detail of what each payment covers helps minimize calls back into the A/P department and enhances relationships with vendors.

OnPay Solutions™ proprietary online portal for remittance provides payment and remittance data for all payment types. Recipients of the payment (vendors) receive a notification from SecurePayPlus™ via email once a payment has been processed. The vendor simply clicks the link within that email and logs on to A/P WebView™ to view the remittance detail associated with the payment.

This remittance data is available in a downloadable data file for a straight through process in to a vendor’s accounts receivable system.

A/PWebView™ provides more than the simple remittance of one payment. A/PWebView™ provides an overview of all of the recent payments made, allowing the vendor to recheck past payments and keep a running history of payments. As an A/PWebView™ customer, you may choose to keep remittance history online for 45 days up to 13 months.

Just announced -- A/PWebView™ is also available as an interface to other accounting and ERP systems. If you are interested in finding out more about A/PWebView, contact us.

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